About the project

On 25 July 2014, HDB announced that Dakota Crescent, a predominantly rental flat estate with lower income residents, would be slated for redevelopment. By December 2016, most of the residents had moved out of this place they used to call ‘home’.

The relocation of an entire estate calls into question the Singaporean’s idea of home, for both renters and homeowners. What does ‘home’ mean to you?

The Between Two Homes project came together towards the end of 2016, as the residents of Dakota Crescent started to relocate. We sought to use Dakota Crescent as a case study on how the community could come together to preserve memories of a place and render assistance to those affected by relocation.

This multimedia website is the starting point of documentation and discussion, and the case of Dakota Crescent will be further explored in an exhibition, in educational workshops, and on social media.

If you’d like to share your stories with Between Two Homes, or chat with someone to see what you can contribute – do get in touch with us on Facebook or hello@betweentwohomes.sg.

The website is produced by a group of citizen volunteers, Run & Gun Media, Dakota Adventures, and funded by Our Singapore Fund.


Team and Contributors

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Charmaine Poh
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Wan Zhonghao
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Michelle Ann Kwara
Lee Wei Fen
Delphia Lim

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Kae Yuan
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Wan Zhonghao
Stefanus Ian

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Andre He
Stefanus Ian

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Tay Xiu Yu
Yuen Ting Yi

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Teoh Yi Chie

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Jon Chan

“Between Two Homes” Team

Kylie Ng (Exhibition)
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